Five Minute Friday: Comfort 

Thanksgiving, naps in front of the fireplace, warm clothes coming out of the dryer all exude comfort for me. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where the climate was fairly cool most months and spent many afternoons finding the warm spot in the sun where the half round window poured in the light onto my carpet. I usually found my labrodor mutt stretched out there as well and I’d sidle up to her to read a book or just lay and listen to her breathe. 
Certain food trigger comfort for many people-a warm cup of chicken noodle soup when they are sick or a cool towel on their forhead when running a fever. 
All these things we can find in our Lord when we seek His comfort above all other comforts. He will stretch us and put us into situations where we’ll be uncomfortable–we are not promised a life free of discomfort. But, He promises and assures us that he will always be there to comfort us when we are in distress and when we need it the most. 
He provides a peace that passes all understanding. Those who mourn are promised comfort. “Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5:4
It is easy to find comfort in the things of this world. We offer many luxiourious items to comfort ourselves with, but at the expense of being comfortable with our Savior. To speak to Him and listen to what he’s speaking to our hearts. He has brought me peace in the midst of some of my toughest personal storms. 


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