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I’m saving a place in my book, five books to be exact. I can’t ever seem to narrow my reading selection down to just one. I find that when I read five at a time I pick up other nuances that I wouldn’t pick up with simply reading one at a time.

I’m reading Grit by Angela Duckworth which is about the power of persistence. I’m reading Whispers of Rest which is about finding Jesus in the breaths between our busyness, but also about being persistent in our love of Christ in away that honors the way he created us for rest.

I am finding my place in the book Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst about sticking with your diet and exercise commitments despite setbacks. I am reading Tales of the Female Nomad by Rita Golden Gelman about following your dreams wherever they may take you. That may mean selling your house, it might also mean journeying to the unknown far beyond your comfort zone and the borders of your community and support systems. Showing up for Life by Bill Gates, Sr. is about meeting each day with grace, purpose, and making a difference in the world around you.

Bill Gates didn’t give up on his dreams because he didn’t graduate college. Bill Gates, Sr. didn’t give up on his children because they were all so different from one another. One is financially gifted, the other technologically, and the youngest gifted athletically. He and his wife kept pouring love and hope into their dreams and life purpose. All of these books are revealing to me something about what it takes to be successful in life–kindness, tenacity, courage, and resilience. None of these authors subject matter is about hopelessness and defeatist personas. Who wants to read that?


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