Tune Tuesday: Pikes Peak by Considering Lily

On a recent vacation I finally got a change to drive Pike’s Peak. At first I was terrified at the thought and was hoping my husband would reconsider the journey and allow us to take the Cog Railway up to the summit. He didn’t and we drove it.

All while we drove I kept remembering hearing a song about Pike’s Peak when I was a teenager and the chorus came to my head, but I couldn’t think of the specific lyrics. When I reached a good WiFi signal after we returned to easier breathing air, I looked them up.

There’s pleasure for a season
But winter’s round the bend
It may be like a joyride, yeah
But you know it’s going to end

I know it’s nice to think
There won’t be a backlash
But going that way
There’s going to be a big crash

You can call the shots
You can cast your own lots
And you can stand your ground
You can be your own boss
But it’s like driving down Pike’s Peak 
Ninety miles an hour in the dark
With the headlights off 

How accurate for many portions of my life when I tried to be my own boss, make big plans and direct my own path in life. It felt so safe to begin with, but quickly began to feel reckless, off course, and as if everything was moving too quickly for the curves ahead.

At one point in my twenties, I took on a secondary job to help pay some bills and build a better life for my young husband and I (so I thought). I was exhausted, emotionally spent, but we had a little extra cash on the side. It quickly got out of control and I resented the second job, spent more on things in the retail store where I worked and eating out than I was saving.

Eventually, I ditched that second job for a higher paying (albeit longer commute) job with a very well known company that would give me lots of experience. It was only after much prayer and many job applications that I landed this opportunity–that eventually led us to many more opportunities and 15 years and counting of employment for both my husband and me.

In those moments when I allowed God to direct my paths (not without some worry and doubt creeping in at times, mind you) my ride felt smooth and comfortable–peaceful like a drive through a straight pasture filled country road.

Is your life feeling out of control right now? Are you driving down Pike’s Peak at ninety miles an hour in the dark with the headlights off (which I DON’T recommend at all)? How can you let the Lord steer you in the right direction and surrender your plans to his will? The Lord tells us that he has big plans for our life and they are filled with hope. {Jeremiah 29:11} What do you have to lose in letting go of your own plans and making the swap for His?


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