Welcome! Grab a cup of something warm (or iced if you live in a climate like Texas), and sit somewhere comfy so we can get to know each other. I’m Sara and ironically,  my name means princess. However, I’m anything but graceful, I eat like a vacuum, I sweat from my fingers when I workout.

I’m what I affectionately like to call a Texa-forni-gonian. I was born in California near Los Angeles, moved before I was 1 year old to grow up with family in Oregon. Then I left my small town (1 stoplight when I moved in) and went to Orange county for University and met my husband online. After 15 years of marriage, we recently transplanted to Texas and are loving our new state (or is it country?) where my son has finally learned how to ride a bike because it’s flat flat flat here.

I have enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts since I was in elementary school. It’s been an activity of tranquility for me and frankly, I’m better at expressing my words on paper or the screen than in person. My grammar isn’t perfect so give me grace–I might someday decide to learn it (or not). I’ve got stories inside me and encouragement that I want to share with you. I hope you will share your stories, heartache, and fears as well.

My stories aren’t going to have happy endings, but I hope that despite setbacks that have been put in my path you will still be inspired to keep going, keep pushing through, and keep sharing your moments with others. My daily mission is to encourage one person that I come into contact with. Life can be a disappointment at times when things don’t work out as you have envisioned, however, that should not stop you from dreaming something new and aspiring to your next big goal.

img_8997I hope that we’ll be meeting back here regularly to chat about our days and share hope with one another.

With Normal Nobility,